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"Wow! A wonderful place for my child to learn."
Let our qualified, loving staff support you in training up your child.

Lifestone Preschool is committed to providing a quality education program for young children within a loving, stimulating and safe environment. We enjoy what we do and offer a great program that addresses all areas of the child’s development.  


The state of California has licensed us to serve children from the time they are potty trained (2 years) through kindergarten (6 years).  We are open from 6:30am-6:30pm, Monday through Friday.


We hope you will give us a call and arrange for a tour of our facility. You can look up parent recommendations and comments on Google and Yahoo. 

Lifestone Philosophy 

Lifestone Preschool sees itself as an agent of the parents, helping them prepare their children for successful learning in life and laying a foundation for moral character development.


The cornerstone of Lifestone training is to foster in children a respectful attitude towards those in authority over them. It is the belief of Lifestone that a child does not innately choose to do what is right but has to be trained to do so by responsible adults. To this end the children are taught biblical morality and a correct response to authority.


In addition to respect for authority teachers encourage proper interaction with peers through instructing and modeling for the child what it means to be kind, encouraging and helpful. Children are addressed and corrected with proper tones and are trained to do the same with others.


Another important goal of Lifestone is for the children to develop their innate curiosity and God-given abilities. To this end teachers utilize the Montessori methodology of hands-on learning, the Socratic method of questioning and creative, exploratory activities.

It is the mission of Lifestone Preschool to provide a quality education program for children  within a safe and stimulating environment. To this end Lifestone incorporates both biblical and Montessori principles of training, addressing all areas of the child's development. Our qualified and loving staff is committed to living out biblical truth as they interact with and train your child.




Lifestone Preschool, 4835 Hallmark Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407

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