In-class field trips

In a Montessori classroom, children from several age groups work alongside each other allowing the younger children to learn from the older children. It has been shown that in a Montessori class, children gain self-confidence, independence and a mastery of material by working with the younger children. According to a study by Science America, students who attend a Montessori school demonstrate a higher aptitude for reasoning in different situations than their peers, who attend a traditional school.

Our Philosophy


Lifestone follows a biblical philosophy of education, addressing all areas of learning: spiritual, academic, and practical. Our hands-on approach to learning and small class sizes enable us to individualize lessons to best fit the design and abilities of the individual child.  

In addition to laying a good academic foundation our goal is to:

  • Foster in the child a love and appreciation of God.
  • Cultivate in the child a love for learning that will be carried on through life.
  • Develop in the child the ability to think and reason well.
  • Help the child learn to relate to others in a way that honors God.